Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A few pics from the trip

I had already successfully exited the boat when Sara requested that we get back in for a photo...that is when i took a little dip in the prince william sound. Brrrr.
the bob worked out great, it was little top heavy tho. It was pretty chilly, a nice change for July cycling.
Denali (Mt. McKinley) came out of the clouds at 4 am. Not very dark for that time of morning. We didn't see the moon for 2 weeks.
this is the harding ice fields. a 4 mile hike straight up past the Exit glacier leads to these. There is a great restaurant at the end of the road near here. Salmon Bake. mmmm good food.
Julie, Jerry, Sara and Me standing on the Root Glacier in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Monday, July 23, 2007


We have been up here in AK for a little over a week. We've been all over, Denali, Valdez, Seward, Anchorage, we've been having a good time. I didn't bring the camera cable so i can't post any picks today, but sara took a couple of me on the Stickel towing the bob with 50lbs of camping gear back to Wonder Lake Campground in Denali. Lot's of mosquitos there....lots of them. And don't just try to spray the Deet on the bare skin parts, they will bite you through your socks....it was just nuts. We did get to see Denali mountain while at the wonder lake campground, it came out of the clouds around 4 am and stayed clear till about 11 am, lot's of pic's were taken. There was also the excitement of a moose walking through the campground one evening. The thing was HUGE!! We didn't see any bears in Denali, but while we were gone the last week, Sara's sister had two in her back yard in Anchorage....we could have stayed here to see them... We've been doing a lot of the camping thing, not too much bathing going on, we are lucky if there is running water at the campsites, and there are never showers. We payed $4 each last thursday to shower at a laundromat...(a highlight of my life) We are back in Anchorage tonight and we are heading to Wrangell mountain tomorrow with Julie and Jerry. We fly home on Friday...hopefully i'll get some pics up next weekend.
BTW...the BOB Ibex is very cool, with 50 lbs on it you know it's there, but i did do some riding with only about 30 on it and you barely knew it was back there.

Hope all is well in the lower 48, i'll bring home some mosquito bites for ya!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


We have settled in to a little (actually tiny is a better word) place in Jasper, GA. It sure is nice to have the wife and dog around full time. It is also nice to not see my parents every night after work. Don't get me wrong, i love my parents, but I think my parents will agree that there is a reason your kids move out.

Oh, i also think that i could have gone the rest of my life without living in an apartment again. Now this place isn't as small as my place was in Belgium, but it is quite the shock after living in a house for the past 8 years. Boy i hope someone buys my house in VA soon so that i can start looking for one down here. I need to have one by this winter so that i can talk my friends from VA into coming down to ride with me. Maybe watch a little TDG. We don't even have enough space for me to keep my bike stuff here. I'm only allowed to have one bike in the house at a time. On the plus side...I keep the rest at work...uh...i'm gonna go out in the shop to work on something, don't come looking for me.

Here is a pic of our apartment building. We are on the top floor. Swimming pools...movie stars...
here is a pic from the parking lot in front of our apartment. The building on the right is the local hospital. The red brick building on the left, with the green roof, is where my wife works. Must be nice huh? It's like .2 miles. And she has been a good girl too, she rides her bike to work every day. LUCKY!!

We are off on Holiday starting this weekend, heading up to AK to do some camping, biking and hiking on our own and with sara's sis and b-n-l. should be fun. I got the Stickel back just in time to take it up there. We've also got a B.O.B. waiting for us to use there too. I would take my computer and try to post pics as we go, but i seriously doubt i'll have that many chances with an internet connection.