Friday, July 18, 2008

Thunderstorm...where's my guard dog

Clap of thunder...i hear some scraping in the bathroom. For a dog that doesn't like baths, it must be mighty scarry for her to hide in the tub.

Completed 29er

Here are some pics of the complete bike. Now i just have another week or so to recover from surgery before they let me ride "vigorously" again.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back in the 29er Game

Last year...or maybe the year before, i decided i wanted to try a 29er. I pieced together a frame, fork, tires from ebay and presto...29er. I was never happy with the fork and the aluminum frame always felt harsh. I decided i would sell the parts of the bike and put the money into something else. This year i decided i wanted to give the 29er a good honest chance. Nice Frame, good fork, quality parts. Plus i wanted to run it as a single speed with the option to upgrade to gears. I ended up going with the Voodoo Cycles Dambala, a steel frame with sliding vertical dropouts that will allow me to run one gear or switch to multi gear once i realize how foolish i was for wanting a single speed. I purchased a RockShox Reba Race to go with it, I was leaning towards the Fox, but the price difference was a little much. Plus you need to remember who is riding the bike. Mr. No Skills, like i will be pushing the limits of any fork off road, with the exception of the rider weight limit.

The frame arrived yesterday, and although i haven't had time to put it together, i did take a few minutes to throw some parts on it to make it look like a bike.