Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Suspend the rest...But let Hamilton race, he's already been punished

Whether you admit you did it or you don't, if you serve your sentence, you shouldn't be punished again. Does anyone else think it is completely unfair to suspend Tyler Hamilton??? Last year the WADA blow hard said if it was true about Hamilton, that he would be banned for life. What the....?!? Am i missing something? They found him guilty of doping and suspended him for two years, now they figure out who helped him and boom! your gone. I really don't care if he races again or not, but that should be left up to the teams to determine if he is good enough to race. We can only assume he is clean now, and what ever happened before he was punished is in the past. But i guess there is no Double jeopardy in cycling. Cyclist don't need rights.

On the bright side...we can at leas.t confirm that he is guilty and that he doesn't have a vanishing twin...or maybe it was the twin that did it....kind of like that movie "the prestige"

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Double Squishy

I bought a new bike. An Ironhorse Azure Expert. This one i plan to keep for a while. I was looking for something with the DW link suspension or similar (like the Giant anthem). This was up for sale on the performance website and after a price match and a coupon the deal was done. It's not super light, but it rides very nice, and the suspension seems to work as advertised. The timing was great too since my Giant NRS decided to destroy a bearing in the rear suspension during my last race.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Nice place, but we had to pass....we wanted 50 bathrooms.

Sara and I did a little house hunting the other weekend. We found this little place, it's quite a drive from Ellijay, but it seemed nice enough. Heck, they have mountain bike trails. We had to pass tho, we were looking for a few more bathrooms (we both have tiny tanks you know) and there wasn't a garage...what the...did they build this thing before cars or what.