Wednesday, October 31, 2007


MMM, another halloween another year of not dressing up. Someday maybe we will have kids so we can get some of the excitement back in the smaller holidays. If i were to dress up, maybe i could wear the same costume i sport every weekend....the fat, 35+, slow, wanna be bike racer. Do these shorts make my ass look big?? I should study guys like Cippo and learn the italian way of making everything look cool. This guy even looked cool asking people to help push him up Brasstown Bald. That is truly a gift.

I don't think i could have looked any dumber in this picture, at least Mark had the good sense to hide behind the microphone. LA was at the TDG that year, but who cares about him, Cippo is a god.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Georgia Cross Race 2, Fort Yargo

Another week another 8th place finish i think (I didn't update the blog after the last race, but i got 8th instead of ninth) I didn't stay around to see the results posted, but Sara thinks i was 8th again. The race was at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder Georgia. My friend Chris lives right down the road so he came over with his dog Mia to help Sara and Katie cheer me on. (Nice bag Chris) The race went well, I got off to a strong start and passed those pesky folks that always out sprint me at the start. The course was much more technical than last week, some roots, lot's of off camber turns, a sand pit, and a short run up after the barriers. My only dissappointment is that i seem to be in this "no mans land" between the really fast guys and the slower guys, actually i guess it's just that i am off the back of the fast group. I need to work on this, next week i will really focus on the start and see if i can stay with the front bunch for a bit. Sara took pictures again this weekend, the battery died, so there aren't many.

I saw Mr. Russell's IF planet cross doppleganger yesterday, from a distance the Orange/white/black team paint scheme could have been confused for the Orange/white/blue. This bike had a carbon fork, which would be nice, apparently it dropped 3/4 of a lb from the bike weight. gotta get one.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Georgia Cross race 1, Horse Park

So i had my first Georgia Cross race today out at the Georgia Int. Horse Park. Fun course, very fast, but very long. We only did 5 laps in 45+ minutes. I raced the 35+ group and finished 9th(i think) out of 24+ people. The tubular tires seemed to work pretty good. I felt pretty strong, i just need to get a better start. As usual.

Rambling Wreck Parade, like many things, it isn't as good as it used to be

Sara and I went down to Georgia Tech this past weekend for the Rambling Wreck parade (homecoming parade) When i was in school, I was always involved with building the wreck. Jim, Chris, Tate, and me were the main people that worked on the wrecks, but we always had help from others. When we were in school the wrecks were noisy, everyone had a vehicle in each class, and people actually put a little effort into them. I told Sara stories about the Ford with a 351 windsor, the Belair with the upside down headers (pointing forward), the pontiac, the mercury with the 429, the chevy with the 4barrel 350, the dodge aspen or the renault 1.8 (although this wasn't actually a wreck....we wrecked it) We had a bunch of really nice, loud wrecks that we actually spent time making. This year....almost all of the wrecks sucked!!!!!! Come on, anyone can attach a frame to a car and put cardboard on the side. The contraptions were just as bad...bicycles are not wrecks...we need engines smoke and noise. Some people actually used their own cars with just paper on them so sad. I guess i might have to see if i have the time next year to get involved with all 10 members of my fraternity. Looks like they are having some issues with membership. I think they should start letting the alumni enter wrecks, at least we could get the parade back the way it used to be.
One more sad note...the only cars to spin their tires were the GT motorsports cars. Very disappointing. The picture is of one of the few fixed bodies, if not the only one, that was like they used to be.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If that is what jet setting is like...I'm too old.

Whirlwind trip to Miami this past weekend. Went down to see Georgia Tech struggle through another motivational struggle and come out with a Victory. A High School friend of mine flew in from California for the game. He went to Miami. It was a fun trip, good to see Steve, and nice to meet his friend Ric and his family. I spent only about 24 hours in town, stayed up late drank more beer in a day than i normally do in a month (and sadly that is not that much). I was worn out by the time i got home. The Orange Bowl isn't the nicest place to watch a football game, but at least they sell beer during the first half. It seems like most of the people that go to the football game that sit outside of the visitor's or student's sections are not actually Miami Alums or students. I think the Miami fan base is similar to that of UGA or VT...(insert your prefered second rate college that every redneck in town roots for), about 90% of the fans you see, didn't go there. I'm not trying to be a snob or anything, but it is easier to take crap from a fan who actually went to the school rather than some guy that picked his favorite team out of peer pressure or because Wally mart had a sale on VT stuff. I know it is a money making proposition for the schools to sell the stuff, but if you want to pick a sports team purely on color scheme, geographic location, or just because they are good that year, stick with pro sports. (now if you chose to attend your school based on color schemes, good season, geographic location, or because they offered AG 305 - tractor backing i that is least you went there.)
It has been my experience that the "blue light special" fans are usually not positive representatives of the school. So in that aspect....I'm glad that you don't see that many fans of my school in these parts. You know that 9 times out of 10 you can walk up to them and actually talk about Tech. Maybe even throw in a quick..."What's the good word?"


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Parting Ways With an Old Friend

It is one of those difficult decisions we have to make. Do we hang on to our old stuff or do we get rid of it. Now that i work in an 80,000 sq. ft. building I'm sure i could find a place to keep everything i own and lots of new stuff. But what good would it do me. I've toyed with the idea of hanging on to the Audi, it's a fun car, fast(for a 4 cyl. turbo) and still in good shape. But what is the point of hanging on to an extra vehicle that you won't drive much. I don't think the Audi would make a good project car, I need something older with fewer computers and electric gadgets. So it is with a heavy heart i have decided to sell my faithful car of 4 years. It will be sad, but maybe to make myself feel better....I'll buy something new for my bike. I would go so far as to say a new bike, but Sara reads this blog, and i'm not sure she would agree that another bike is "needed". (you don't have to be hungry to want a doughnut, you don't have to need a new bike to get one.)
I'm flying to Miami on Saturday morning to watch the football game with my high school friend Steve. Wish GT luck.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cylcocross....the next level. (over-coming fear of the nut cracker)

Yesterday i finally turned the corner on my re-mount. For years it has been my not so private shame. I always dabbed my left foot on the re-mount. Sad i know, i have been sooooo close for soooo long, but i just couldn't let go. Something deep down (actually about right in the middle of my body if you know what i mean) wouldn't let me make the leap of faith. But yesterday i told myself, just do it you big wuss. It works!!! I still cringe each time i do it, but maybe that will go away with some more practice. A few of my attempts i was missing the inner thigh and landing squarely on the saddle with all my tonnage. This led me to another first....I rolled my first tubular off of the rim. I'm looking forward to the availability of the Hutchinson tubeless ready tires now. Seems like it will be much easier to run stan's than to glue tires to rims.