Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another walk down memory lane

Sunday i stopped by Roswell Bicycles. This is where is bought my first (and second) mountain bike. I used to go there so often, many of the staff knew my name...which i think is a good thing. I was checking out the selection (they usually have a ton of stuff, plus so high dollar stuff) Todd stopped by and said hello. Todd is the owner, and i was impressed that he remembered me. He was helping the other customers, so he couldn't chat but i was wondering if he still had his mustangs and if he had added any more to the collection. They had the 2006 anthems on sale, they looked like good deals, but i didn't really care for the component mix. The 2007's are where it's at. The Anthem Advanced and Anthem 0 look to be out of my price range, but the Anthem 1 may be just right. Even though it's not yellow, it will make a fine replacement for the NRS. Too bad i didn't win more money in Vegas... We'll have to see how this mtn bike series goes, maybe i can get on a team that gets a discount on Giants...who knows. Wait...I haven't checked my lottery ticket today, this could be the day.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ipod Vending Machine

It's three AM, you've been gambling for a while, and you think, "Man i really need an ipod and some accessories". But where can i get that stuff at this time of night. BOOM! is the answer my friend ....The IPOD vending machine. This caught my eye on the last day of my stay here. Just swipe your card and buy an ipod, headphones, and other accessories. Maybe you want to lavish that woman of the night that you invited over with a small it is.

Friday, February 23, 2007


So i'm in Vegas for my first business trip with the new company. We have a booth at the ARA (awards and recognition assoc.) Who would of thought we have so many award options. I was thinking that trophies and plaques were just an american thing, but apparently its North/South American. We have had a ton of Canadians and Mexicans coming by that buy our products or want to. It's been pretty productive so far.
I was up $60 wednesday night when i went to bed, up $105 when i went to dinner, and only up $25 when i went to bed. I'm still up, but i am not holding my breath. I've been hitting the Roulette wheel. Betting the easy stuff on the outside. I just wish the drink service was faster.

Yesterday i hit the hotel gym at 6:15, it was packed, no open treadmills or bikes. I brought a hat and some gloves for this occasion and i hit the street for a run. The lows are in the 40's, but i had a nice 7 mile run along the strip. Really flat (except for the stairs to the bridges over the streets) It's very peaceful out there early in the morning. I only saw one person that i assumed was a lady of the night heading home.

I'll try to take some pics today.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A moment of Weakness (Wanna buy some parts?)

So i have a addiction really. I like to find deals on close-out bicycles, buy them and then part them out. My goal is to break even on money, while keeping some of the parts. I know that there is a risk that i won't get my money back, but even if i do end up spending a some money, it works out in the end that i get some nice stuff cheap.

This past weekend while visiting my wife, we took a little trip to c'ville. As with any trip to any shopping area, there is always at least one visit to a bike shop. On this trip there were two. My first stop was c'ville bike and tri to look at some nice FS cross country bikes. I'm thinking the 2002 Giant NRS may need a replacement so i was looking at the options. I like the Anthem and the Epic, but i may just race this year on the Giant and my hardtail and save up for a new ride next year. Maybe someone will put some yellow paint on their higher end bikes. (If anyone sees any sweet deals on an Anthem...let me know) The next stop was performance, this is my favorite place to find bikes on sale that i can part out. I had been eyeing a Fuji Professional for a while that had been in the shop for a while, and i kept waiting for the price to come down. The bike has a full Dura-Ace group with decent wheels and a nice frame and fork, the only problem is that the frame is a 52cm and the cranks are 170mm. Other than that, the price was too good to pass up. Now both the cross and the road bike will be rolling 10spd.

Anyone interested in some DA cranks?? I'll make you a good deal, or i'll swap them for some 175's

Friday, February 16, 2007


I am still settling in at the new job, so i haven't had much of a chance to post. The new job is going pretty good, I feel like i have known my boss my entire life. :-)

This past weekend I hit some of the local Atlanta mountain bike trails. I bought my first mountain bike at Roswell Bikes (just outside of atlanta) back in 94, so this is where is all started. I remember my first few rides on my GT corrado that i spent $700 bucks on. I kept thinking i paid how much for a walking stick?

Saturday i hit Chicopee woods over in Gainesville. I have been riding there since at least 95 and it is still one of my favorite places to ride. The trails have changed some over the years because of erosion and wear, but it is still just as fun. They do seem to take out all of the really difficult parts, but i guess with trails with that much traffic, you need to avoid the lawsuits.

Sunday Paul and I went to Blankets Creek in Woodstock. This trail wasn't around when i started, but this park has two nice 4 mile loops of rolling single track. No real serious climbs, but a good place to get a workout in. Last year I took the cross bike down to do a few laps, the only thing i missed was the front shock when i didn't get the front tire up high enough to clear the logs completely. Front forks compensate for a lot of errors. Unfortunately on Sunday, Paul bobbled on a big rock and took a spill. He landed on a rock and had to cut the day short.

I'm heading home today, and next weekend i'll be in Vegas. So i'll have to wait a few weeks to hit some more of my old stomping grounds. If you're heading through north GA, give me a shout, I'll show ya around.

Anyone coming down to watch the Tour de Georgia??

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Here are some pic's of my sister's new puppy. I say puppy, but Baxter is 5 months old and already as big as Katie. Baxter got his name from a fine piece of parenting by Lisa and Paul. Anyone who has ever gone for a drive with Paul knows he enjoys yelling at his fellow drivers. One of his favorite phrases was/is "you stupid Bastard". That was fine until they had their first child, Emma. Emma started talking and started repeating words. Lisa and Paul said that paul was calling them a Stupid Baxter. What a great name for a dog...
Sorry, some of the pics are kind of dark. Baxter thinks he is a lap dog, i you put him in your lap he will stay perfectly still hoping you won't put him back down.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Hiking on Betsy Bell

Sara, Katie and I hit the oh so short trail on Betsy Bell a few weeks ago. Nice views of the Valley up there. Some trails are better than none.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New Job New Town, Missing Sara and Katie

So i started the new job yesterday. I had the typical feelings, a little excitement about the new job, a little nervous because i wasn't 100% sure what to expect, and sad because it means that i will be spending time away from my wife and puppy. I'll also miss staunton.

I had a nice last weekend in town. Sara and i went out for a nice dinner on Sat. I went for a long, cold mountain bike ride with Russell and the tri-power gang. I think i was one of the few that didn't hit the ground on the slick ice on the fire road.

Tonight it was a trainer ride in the basement. It's supposed to be mid 40's this weekend so i will try to put together a few long rides and maybe see some family and friends. Does anyone need me to check the pearl izumi outlet for something??