Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SNAP!!! And he's down!!!

The weather was great this weekend. Sunny and clear, altough the wind did pick up quite a bit on Sunday. I was able to ride both days, saturday on the mtn bike and sunday on the road bike. Both days i had a little mechanical trouble....maybe i'm not quite the mechanic i think i am. The mtn bike is just a learning curve thing, remembering how each different hub goes together and how to adjust the bearing. The road bike was a real surprise. I finished up my 3 hour ride on a loop from Jasper to ellijay and back on a relatively flat ride (there are no flat roads around here). I had just swiped my key card to open the gate into the apartment complex and i was rolling slowly when...SNAP!!.....BOOM!! i was on the ground. The bolt that held my seat on had broken. It was fortunate that it happened when i was barely moving...it could have been nasty. I had tightened the bolt last tuesday because my saddle felt loose. It didn't feel over tight, so i figured it just backed out a bit. Looking at the bolt now, it looks like the bolt had started to fail a long time ago, about halfway across the bolt the metal is discolored like it has been exposed to air for a long time, the second half is shiny from this recent break.

Now it's time to go through all the bikes and make sure everything looks good. And a lesson is learned, at least once a year, pull the stuff apart and check for cracks or problems.

You can thank me later for not posting a picture of my bruised behind.

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