Monday, February 23, 2009

My Quick Ride Route

Back in Staunton if i only had an hour or so to get a ride in, i would do the Springhill loop.  It was about 21-22 miles long, and i would push myself to see if i could do it in an hour. (the answer is yes, i was successful).  Now that i am in a new town, new home, new roads, i've been looking for a route that i could do in an hour or so.  Below is that route.  It is an out and back route that climbs to the top of Burnt Mountain on RT. 136 and then back home.  It takes about 1:15-1:20 to complete.  I will work towards knocking it out in an hour, but somehow i doubt i can fly up the hill that fast....who knows, maybe someday.

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