Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Dream Cycling Trip

I will be a father soon, 1-3 weeks to go is the current estimate.  Fatherhood will change everything from what i have been told.  My free time will now be focused on the kids.  

But i can still dream...

Last year Mark and I went to Belgium for a week to watch the RVV and ride the course.  We had a great time and typical Belgian weather.   When we returned i realized....it could be better.  This time of Europe there are bike races twice a week if not more often.  That means that a short trip of say 10 days could include 3 great Northern classics which would leave 5-6 days to ride bikes on the race courses or other places.  
Here is my idea:
Friday: depart for Belgium
Saturday: arrive, unpack the bike, pick up rental car, go see Tom and Nele, give Tom a bunch of shit for being a Belgian that doesn't like beer or cycling.  Go for a ride to shake off the Jetlag.
Sunday:  RVV  race around the countryside to see the pros suffer in the beautiful flemmish ardennes
Monday:  Ride the RVV, starting in Oudenaarde, follow the signs to ride all of the helligens
Tuesday: Ride part of the route of the Gent Wevelgem  Mostly flat, 4 hills, just to get a feel for the course
Wed: G-W race around the countryside to see the pros (no real suffering here...it's flat afterall)
Thursday:  Trip to the Ardennes  ride part of L-B-L some nice hills, but everything is paved.
Friday:  Ride somewhere else, day trip to holland or Germany, or just hang out and try to sample one of each of the 300+ belgian beers.
Saturday:  Ride Paris Roubaix, come on ....it's flat
Sunday:  Paris Roubaix, watch the pros suffer on cobbles.
Monday:  Go home
Looks like fun,  maybe 2011????  
Wonder if Tom will be in his house by then??? Doubt it. :-)

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